What’s For Dinner?

Seven hundred and twenty! What? Really? I have to prepare 720 dehydrated meals! No way! 120 days x 3 meals a day x 2 of us = 720 meals. Oh no, I forgot snacks! 120 days x at least 2 snacks a day x 2 of us = 480 snacks. Maybe we better take a “separate boat” for a maid!

This last week as I prepared for our one week dry ( hopefully dry) run to Drummond Island, Michigan, I got a very small taste (pun intended) of what is in store for me over the next seven months. What! Only seven more months! 720 divided by 7 months = 102 meals a month. (not including snacks) This week, I dehydrated and vacuum sealed 48 meals plus snacks. (What would I do without by Excalibur food dehydrator – www.excaliburdehydrator.com – and FoodSaver vacuum sealer – www.foodsaver.com ?) So, during the next seven months, I will need to spend 2 1/2 weeks each month performing this specific culinary activity. Does Domino’s deliver to the river?

Now what shall I do in my spare 2 1/2 weeks per month? I know – I will research for meal ideas. I have actually already begun researching on-line for backpacking meals. Think about it – our boats are large floating backpacks. One very helpful site I discovered is http://www.backpackingchef.com. Several months ago before this adventure was even a glimmer in our eyes, I downloaded a copy of Backpack Gourmet by Linda Federick Yaffe on my IPad. (Coincidence?) These have both been great resources, by the way. After all, who wants to eat the same thing every day for 120 days? Wait! I’ve eaten oatmeal for breakfast almost every morning for the last six years, and John has a homemade granola bar for breakfast and the same sack lunch, with very little variety. I guess there is some comfort in routine. Whew! I feel better. Maybe our menu should be oatmeal for breakfast, peanut butter wraps for lunch, and a macaroni and cheese dinner for 120 days. But then we wouldn’t experience Canadian hash browns, mud pie, couscous with mushrooms and tomatoes…. The options are limitless – oh the culinary adventure!

So, what’s for dinner tonight?



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