05-31-2015 (Upstream – the Road Home)

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Weather conditions
High –
Low –
Skies- Constant rain; poor visibility
Seas- calm

Upstream – The Road Home

I haven’t carried or touched a wallet or set of keys for two months. These items that have been omnipresent and for which I constantly check my pockets to confirm, have no place here along the river.

These are just a few of the thoughts that ran through my mind as LaNae and I lay here in the tent this morning.

We had planned to paddle the remaining 30 miles into Memphis today. The forecast had indicated that the showers would be gone and today would be cool and clear. Well, forecasts are apparently allowed to change dramatically within eight hours. Storms and constant rains pounded our tent all night, and while the storms are no more, the heavy rains continue to fall. Donning the rain suit for a quick walk to the beach (the only way to get a cell signal) I confirmed that the forecast and radar both indicate a day full of rain.

As I lay in the tent it is interesting to hear all the wildlife. We have more of a woodland campsite this time and there are lots of animal sounds to entertain us. During the infrequent and brief lulls in the rains, the birds really let loose. Some of the calls are familiar, but others are of birds that I don’t know. And then of course there are the sounds of our four-legged friends. We heard quite a few rustlings last night and again this morning. LaNae felt a little better about those once I explained that animals make little to no sound when they approach. The noises we heard, therefore, we’re more likely those of quick exits by animals startled to see and smell our presence. (Of course now LaNae says she’s scared when there are no noises. She fears the silence!)

So, we’ve now traveled just over 800 miles. Quite an accomplishment to some but to me, still a failure until we achieve our goal. After all, that’s what goals are for – to be achieved. But once this goal is achieved, then what’s next? This is one of the most mentally and physically challenging, yet rewarding jobs I have ever had. The pay, however, is – well – there is none. While I’m not obsessed with making money, to quote a line from It’s A Wonderful Life, “it sure does come in handy down here bub”. This has me beginning to wonder about the upstream journey. The “return” as it’s referred to here on the river. The last Japanese company I was associated with has reached out to me an expressed interest in my services, but is that where I’m suppose to be?

We have been fortunate to meet many good people already on this trip. They have certainly been a blessing to us and I hope, in at least some small way, we have been able to be a blessing to them as well. But remember, there is no pay for this. And the last I knew, income was necessary on this earth.

Well I’ve updated my “LinkedIn” status to “Seeking Employment” as I prepare for the road home. My prayer in this is that I will clearly see where God wants me.

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