06-14-2015 another “just happened” day

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weather conditions:
High – 88
Low – 71
Skies – Scattered thunderstorms
Wind – SSE 5-10

A much-needed day of rest for John. He rested much of the day with a few bursts of energy.

Burst of energy one – shower and eat

Burst of energy two – claim hat from Tommy Williams, who just happens to be the father of Park Neff’s son-in-law. So, one of our Greenville Post Office packages was my new hat (yeah, I know, the hat saga continues) from Outdoor Research. However, a few days ago we received a voice mail from Tommy, who indicated he had received our hat in error and would deliver it to us when we arrived. (good people!) So, Tommy arrived this morning with the hat, as promised, and said his daughter’s father-in-law, Park Neff paddled a lot and would likely wish to meet us. Well, John immediately recognized the name Park. Park “just happened” to be one of the names The River Gator had given us as an expert on the river in this area. Tommy soon notified Park (and his paddling companion and other river expert, John Keen, who arrived in the afternoon to share stories and information with us over lunch.

Burst of energy three – pizza with Park Neff and John Keen. (See Instagram @separateboats) What an honor to spend time with these two gentlemen. They have each spent a lot of time on this section of the Mississippi – John in his kayak and Park in his canoe. They are definitely River Angels in this area and were able to tell us many stories of those who have come before us. Actually, Park will sometimes paddle upstream hoping to intersect someone coming down the river so he can meet them. And the reason we met these gentlemen is the post office “just happened” to delivered my hat to the wrong location!

Praying for rest and many bursts of energy tomorrow……

PS Saw our first armadillo of the trip – cool. (See Instagram @separateboats)

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  1. Kathi Davis said:

    So cool. I love reading of these “coincidences”. Or as I once heard and love the term “Godincidence”.

    June 14, 2015

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