05-26-2015 (Toeless Man Falls Foreward)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weather conditions:
High – 81
Low – 68

You know you are in a small river town when….
* there is a steady stream of traffic making a loop through levee walls down to the river and back trough the wall just to,look at the river.
* so many people come to talk with you that you can’t possibly remember everyone’s name.
* several offers are made to bring you anything you need.
* certain people come to the river and you can call them by name.
* people bring you coffee and corn dogs.
* you are walking down the street, not even close to your boats, and someone asks if you are the canoers.
* someone asks you if you have seen “so and so”.
* you have a social life after just a couple of days.
* people specially come to the park by the river to see you.

Yes, we are still in Caruthersville and, frankly, are loving this small river town. We decided to stay another day for a couple if reasons…. Reason one – we needed to pick up our food parcel and the post office didn’t open till 9:00. I know 9:00 isn’t too late to get started, however, the second reason cemented our decision. Reason two – there were 10 – 25 mph winds in the forecast. Fighting the winds just isn’t necessary! (or fun) Tomorrow the winds should only be 5 – 10 mph. Unfortunately, the temperature may be 87, which means an early start to beat the heat……

Our visitors began to arrive soon after John emerged from the tent. I was still in the tent but could hear John talking, which isn’t unusual, he talks to himself all the time. However, I heard another voice responding. When I came out of the tent, I was surprised to see two visitors, Tony and Jim. Tony was the first one to welcome us to Caruthersville yesterday. He was on the boat ramp before we were out of our boats. (Tony appeared again later, asking if we had seen Steve Thrasher. Does that make us locals?) Jim told us about a very interesting Canadian gentleman who took a three-year adventure on a horse. I don’t remember his exact route, but I would love to sit and talk to him over a cup of coffee.

During the course of our day we spent some time charging devices and using the casino’s wi-fi, collecting our food package from the post office (see Instagram), walking downtown, eating corn dogs provided by David Phelps, spending our lunch break with David, meeting so many people, and preparing for a dinner date with Jim and Linda McCalahan.

On our way back from the post office, we met P. G. Manners. John was carrying our box. We were almost past P. G. as he said, “Are you the canoers?” Remember, we have clean on clean clothes, and took a shower. What do canoers look like? He extended offers of kindness/support to us and explained his mother-in-law wanted to meet us.

Our dinner date with Jim, Linda, and their daughter, Ana, was a great way to end our time here in Caruthersville. The McCalahans took us to The Dixie Pig in Blytheville, Arkansas. (see Instagram) This particular barbecue restaurant’s sauce is a vinegar base and not as thick as other barbecue sauces. It was delicious – even on my fries. As we were on our way back to Missouri, Jim asked, “Does anyone want ice cream?” (Those of you who know John, know he is learning to feint excitement about the prospect of going for ice cream for me.) He answered, “Sure,” before I could answer. (He does love me!) I enjoyed every bite of my hot fudge sundae with whip cream and a cherry at Mr. C’s Yum Yum drive-in before Jim drove us “home”.

As has happened many times before when we were out on our social excursions, we were greeted with a gift left by someone who came to visit. (Nobody comes to visit us bearing gifts at home.) Mike and Vickie brought us a thermos of coffee. (see Instagram) We are so humbled by the kindness of everyone. How can I extend this type of kindness at home? Who are our “kayakers”?

Tomorrow we will leave this small river town that we have come to call home the last couple of days. It’s interesting how I am not looking forward to returning to the bush. However, when it is time to return to civilization from the bush, I won’t look forward to that either. Each “home” has become a comfortable part of the trip for its own reasons. Here’s to “home”.

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