Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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High: 85
Low: 61

Today we were supposed to sleep in but awoke at our usual 6:00 time – even without an alarm! How frustrating. Oh well! We enjoyed a relaxing morning of reading, journaling, and ordering our summer wet pants. (These are ultra-light-weight neoprene pants. We love our wet suits because we aren’t concerned about getting them muddy or wet but need a lightweight option for the hot days ahead. We had couscous for breakfast and treated ourselves to a cup of coffee.

Once we had performed our chores, we walked into town to buy some items at the cutest old-time pharmacy, visit town hall, and see Anarae at Sara’s. When we entered Sara’s, we were greeted by two gentlemen sitting at a round table. These men were originally from New York, which was evident by their accents, who are now living in New Harmony. This was another “just happened to be here” meetings because one of the gentlemen used to work with the barges on the Mississippi. He was an executive with a barge company and added insight into what we can expect later in our journey.

Anarae became one of our newest heroes when she walked to the table handing us a bag of freshly baked lavender cookies. They were a type of shortbread cookie and still warm! Delicious! Even better than the wonderful cookies was the conversation we had with Anarae. I love this part of the trip!

John went back to the campsite to retrieve our dromedaries in order to fill them at Sara’s. He had just returned when the Hamiltons (Nate, Liz, Grant Emma, Eva, and Katie) arrived. Nate and Liz, who live an hour away in Newburgh, Indiana, are long-time friends of John’s niece Jennifer, from Ft. Wayne. They heard about our trip from Jennifer and brought their children to meet us as part of a field trip. (I never imagined I would be included as part of someone’s field trip.) John filled the dromedaries and the Hamiltons transported them back to our camp site. We were surprised to discover they had packed a lunch for themselves and us. We had lettuce wraps and fresh veggies. What a treat! (It’s interesting what we consider treats – anywhere from lettuce wraps to ice cream. Basically, if I didn’t dehydrate it, it’s a treat.) After lunch and a tour of our “home”, they left – new friends.

After the Hamiltons left, John took a nap. (It is a day of rest.)

After John’s rest we walked back up to Sara’s to get do some work on the website and put a final charge on the devices. While we were there John discovered that they had a communal guitar, so he was able to get his fix.

Rebecca Rausch, The Paper of Wabash County reporter – Emma’s – mom arrived just after we left Sara’s and treated us to dinner at The Red Geranium. The food was delicious and the conversation was a pleasure. What a kind and personable woman. While we were there, we started talking with two of the wait staff, Rhonda and David. During the conversation the topic of showers came up (i.e. that we have been lacking one). They immediately offered to open the fitness room at The New Harmony Inn, which is associated with the restaurant so we could have a hot shower. Of course we said, YES! Rebecca took us back to our tent to gather our bare essentials (that’s all we have) and returned us to the restaurant. David drove us in a golf cart (our second golf cart ride) to the inn. After our wonderful and refreshing shower, he and Rhonda transported us back to our tent and kayaks. They also presented us with two t-shirts, bottles of water, and some other goodies. The.people we have met!

Tomorrow we are back on the river after a day of rest, rejuvenation, and a shower. (Now we need to do laundry.)

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