Monday, April 6, 2015

John stole my pillow again last night – we may need to change our trip name to “Separate Tents”!

I was so cold again last night. I know I will welcome a little chilliness in a couple of months, but right now I am shivering through the nights! Just think a warm bed in Linn Grove, Indiana tonight!

For breakfast, we enjoyed the hard-boiled eggs and fruit Irene Heare left us last night. Soon after we were done eating (7:15), her husband, Bud, showed up with a cup of coffee . We are so spoiled! He stayed for a little while and took the left-over food with him.

Once Bud left, we prepared to launch and left Ceylon about 10:00 – headed for Mark and Myra Moore’s for some more pampering. It will be sad when we leave this area and don’t have anyone else to spoil us. It’s exciting though to think of all the new people we will meet. Waiting for those divine appointments.

Today we saw a Pileated Woodpecker and several owls. The wild-life you see on the river sometimes is the same as what you see away from the river, so why does it seem different when you see these creatures on the river? Maybe it feels more natural, because they are intruded upon less. How often do these animals encounter a human?

Just a few miles after we left Ceylon, we passed under another familiar bridge – US Highway 27. Although we have driven over this bridge many times over many years, it was as if we were here for the first time. It was a different view from below of the familiar banks than I had seen from above. They look the same but different – like the animals.

Today’s somewhat drizzly eight-mile paddle was uneventful, bringing the total miles traveled to 54. As we arrived in Linn Grove, Chase Moore was there to greet us by taking some pictures for Dawn Wanner to help record our journey. A view we can’t see. After talking with Chase, we found a place to pull out, put the wheels on the kayaks (wheels – a great invention), and began pulling through Alan Neuenschwander’s yard, with whom we chatted awhile.

Upon arriving at Mark and Myra’s house, we were hungry so we prepared and ate one of our dehydrated meals (only boil water) – spaghetti, with mud pie for dessert. (Unfortunately, I added too much water to the mud pie, and John had to eat/drink his from a cup.) We are prepared for anything. Hungry is one thing we not be on this trip .

We were interviewed again. This time for the Berne Tri-weekly.

We have been so blessed with friendship! The Moore’s opened their home to us, inviting us to use anything and served us a wonderful meals of steaks, pasta, salad, and dessert. (And don’t forget the shower, washing machine and dryer, a warm comfortable bed, and our own PILLOWS!)

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