06-13-2015 (I told you I was sick)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Weather Conditions:
High – 90
Low – 72
Skies – Sun and clouds mixed, scattered thunderstorms this afternoon
Winds – S 10-15

“I told you I was sick!” is the epitaph John wants on his tombstone. Even though I’m not writing an epitaph, I want to say, “I told you I was sick!” It is evident now because John has what I had. Poor guy! Luckily, we are staying the next couple of nights compliments of Wepfer Marine in an air-conditioned apartment in Greenville, Mississippi. What a blessing!

While I was pretty sure I had caught a bug and had not suffered from heat exhaustion or dehydration, it was actually a bit reassuring for John to catch the same thing (his words, not mine). Now we can be assured that I likely contracted something in Helena and did not fall ill due to some poor planning or foolishness.

John felt fine last night and was even hungry when we went to bed. It was a warm night, even after the rain. Thank goodness the rain did finally stop, and we were able to take the rain fly off to get some breeze through the tent.

At one point last night, we were awakened by a big crash in the direction of our boats. I thought for sure a tree had fallen on our boats. John donned his red coal miner-looking Petzel headlamp (Mine is aqua and much cooler looking.) and left the tent to investigate. He returned with news that the boats had probably been hit by the large branch sitting next to them but caused no damage. Scary moments.

Soon after the alarm went off this morning at 4:00, John announced his state of illness. John and I are different kinds of patients. I tend to be very quiet, only telling how I am feeling when asked. John wants to make sure I don’t forget he is ill.

We are also very different nurses. John is so kind and gentle, while I am more business-like. John just “does for” me. I ask what he needs, and if he doesn’t give me a directive, I go about my business. I need to take lessons from John. John says I’m failing his class!

John moved slowly this morning as we prepared for our ten-mile paddle to Greenville and air-conditioning! He took some Exedrin and Tums and felt somewhat better by the time we left.

As we approached, we were greeted with the amazing smell of barbecue and grilled hamburgers wafting from the campground and park located next to the Wepfer facility. I realized at that moment that one thing I miss is the smell of food cooking.

As we approached the Wepfer facility, John raised one of their boats on the radio and confirmed clearance to pass around their sterns. The captain told us to go ahead and that we could best reach the shore by passing under the rake (front) of their barge, ducking under the mooring line, and finally reaching our landing point. Hmmm, a little unnerving but good advice as it placed us in the best location to exit the river. (See Instagram @separateboats)

Just as God gave me the energy on Tuesday to paddle far enough to find a place to rest, He gave John enough energy to get our boats out of the water, put the wheels on the boats, and roll the boats up a steep and rocky hill, over large hoses and finally to their resting place for the next couple of days under the apartment. (Run-on sentence…..)

After a shower, we walked next door to the origin of the wonderful smells we experienced on our way in. John knew he needed to eat after our paddle and thought he would have enough energy to go, eat, and come back. That was a mistake! He barely made it back.

While he was resting, I was in contact with Treisch and Sandy Treischman. One reason for our stop in Greenville, along with a day of rest, was to pick up our next food package. Our original plan was to arrive on Grenville Friday, while the post office was open, to gather our package. However, my illness earlier in the week prevented us from arriving yesterday. Problem! Solution – Treisch and Sandy. They are local river angels, from whom we will enjoy their hospitality in a couple of days. They were generous enough to pick up our package yesterday and deliver it to us today. Treisch and his son-in-law, Jeremy, delivered our package strapped on the back of their bikes. First time our package was delivered by motorcycle! (See Instagram @separateboats)

John is now resting comfortably after a long day. Even though he tries to convince me otherwise, I don’t think he will need his epitaph any time soon. He’s still a terrible patient, but I will try to be a better nurse.

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  1. Sean & Betty Sielschott said:

    Ok…don’t like anyone to be sick. Take care and get better. LeNae, take care of youtself so you don’t relapse.

    June 14, 2015
  2. Kathi Davis said:

    Never even thought about anybody getting sick! Ewwwww…that could be a different kind of challenge!! Hope you’re both on the mend now and soon back to top shape!

    June 14, 2015

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