Friday, April 24, 2015

Weather conditions
High – 63
Low – 31

I am sitting at the laundromat! What an exciting way to spend a Friday afternoon. No, I am serious – I am VERY excited to be sitting at a laundromat. When you have only three sets of clothes, a laundromat is a great place to hang out. Now if we could only find a shower!

Today started out very chilly, at 31 degrees, with a light frost. This was the coldest morning yet. Since it was so cold, dinner for breakfast sounded good, so we had ham and beans and cornbread.

I had just started the ham and beans when a car pulled up and two DNR officers emerged from the vehicle. They were just making their rounds and stopped to check on us. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to check on breakfast and it scorched. Oh well, it still tasted good even if the pan was hard to clean.

On the river again, for a short ten-mile paddle to Clinton, Indiana. Although it was cold this morning, it did warm up nicely. Once in a while we encountered a gust of wind, however, after the last couple of days, today’s “wind” was more of a breeze. Perspective!

Today our eagle count was five eagles and two nests. They really are very regal birds.

We arrived in Clinton without incident. John had disembarked from his kayak and was helping me, when a gentleman “happened” to drive up to the boat dock. He, Jeff Goswell, who is active in the Clinton Boat Club and had previously been a member of the Wabash Corridor group. He was the person to meet – he knows everyone! He told us where everything was (the laundromat!) and said he would contact the Clintonian Newspaper, the Mayor, and others. One thing we’ve learned is that river enthusiasts like to use our trip to leverage local leaders with more reason to continue riverfront development. Coincidence – I think not!

John went to the restroom at Dairy Queen and returned with an ice cream cone. (I think he should go to the restroom more often.)

We had our clothes all bagged up and were headed for the laundromat when Mike Kelley and Mike Harper, members of the boat club, stopped by to introduce themselves to us. Mike Kelley and the boat club became the newest supporters of The Fortress by handing us a $20 donation. Thanks Clinton Boat Club!
After talking with them awhile, John mentioned he needed a pencil. The next thing we new Mike Kelley opened the trunk of his car and produced a pencil, roll of toilet paper, and a lighter. (all necessities) Then they offered to bring us here, to the laundromat. And that brings us here….. Once our clothes are laundered we will return to the tent to make supper. I wonder to what will add boiling water.

We will be in Clinton for two days because the weather forecast has thunderstorms for tomorrow. So tomorrow will be our day of rest (our “Sunday”).



  1. Randy Stakeman said:

    You met my son Adam Stakeman when he was out for a run, he text me and told me about your journey, and shared your web site. He called me the other day and told me you was in Montezuma and expecting to go through Terre Haute in a couple days. I live just south east of Terre Haute and would be happy to meet with you and/or get you some supplies you might need. Have a safe journey!

    April 25, 2015
    • What a kind and gracious offer Randy. Thank you!
      My (john) brother is actually meeting us at terra haute but if he wasn’t we would have likely exploited your offer. Obviously we are fine to simply camp on the river bank or an island, however, I would be curious to know if you know of any designated camp area on the river in or around Terra Haute.
      Thanks for reaching out!
      John and LaNae Abnet

      April 25, 2015
  2. Wayne Steury said:

    John, I just read the article in the Triweekly. I’ll be praying for you. When I was a little boy I always thought it would be fun to go down the Wabash on a raft.

    April 28, 2015

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