Monday, April 13, 2015

Today started out with an oatmeal breakfast and the ordinary three-hour prep for the water. (I wonder how much faster we will get – this is the trip) We put our boats in the water and prepared for a 20-mile paddle, with a forecast of rain later in the day.

It did indeed rain, and we paddled 21 miles. Along the way we saw six Eagles (one standing sentry at the confluence of Mississinewa and Wabash rivers) and one nest. What beautiful birds! The landscape of the river is beginning to change – lower banks, sand bars, and large islands. We also noticed a change in the size of the river where the Mississinewa River spills into the Wabash – it’s definitely not a creek any longer.

We were greeted by Amber Kuhn as we pulled our boats out of the water. Her house is about two miles from where we docked – all up hill. As we looked at the road and the distance, Amber suggested she pull the boats behind her SUV. Why not? What’s the worst that can happen? So John and I hopped in the back of the vehicle, grabbed the front our boats, and away we went at a pleasant 4 mph. It was pretty easy until the hill got steeper, then the weight of my boat almost pulled me out. So Amber took one boat at the time. What an interesting way to portage! Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

We set up our tent in Amber’s yard, while Croydon, Amber’s 12-year-old son, did the same with his tent. Then a shower and some laundry. I feel like a new woman. Then came the pizza! What a treat!

As I sit here writing, I can hear Amber’s lamb baaing in the background. I love the farm!

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