Sunday, April 19, 2015

We awoke to no alarm! Yeh! When we got up, we quickly ate granola and performed daily routine before the rain arrived. We had excellent timing since it started to rain just as we closed the tent. Now to relax for the day!

John took a nap while I journaled. (Dejaveau – it seems like we did this before….) There is one thing missing from our tent during this rainy day which was present the last time – a clothesline! Unlike the last rainy-tent day, the rain continued all day. It is now 8:00 pm, and it is still raining! What a great day to relax.

During lighter times in the rain, John would put on his rain-suit and slip outside to get something from the boat and check the water levels. “Ugly day” he once stated, but quickly mentioned how pretty and silent a Blue Herron looked gliding over the river.

We had four Easter candy treats from Irene Heare at the beginning of the day. Now there are none. Here’s the recap….. We each had one soon after entering the tent. Then there were two. I ate one, which if you do the math left one. John put on his rain-suit to make his rounds, leaving his (the last) candy. Hmmmmm…… Should I collect the last candy as rent for using my pillow? What would you have done?

Since we were tent-bound, we had peanut butter roll-ups for lunch and dinner. At lunch we enjoyed cheese and a granola bar as well. Our peanut butter roll-up dinner was accompanied by homemade salt and vinegar potato chips (of course the potatoes were from my garden).

Our day set aside to relax was successful – we relaxed. I caught up on my journaling, read, and played solitaire (What else could I play while John slept?)


  1. Sean & Betty Sielschott said:

    John and LaNae,
    we have been watching your adventure and know that you are making the most of every moment! A little envious but we wish for you the experience you hoped for and Gods peace and guidance.
    Sean and Betty

    April 19, 2015
  2. Maribeth Smitley said:

    Enjoy your posts and pray for your safety and adventure as God brings you to mind! Hugs!

    April 19, 2015

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