Thursday, April 30, 2015

Weather conditions:
High: 64
Low: 39

Last night after we went to bed, we were surprised to hear a lot of wild-life still awake. We heard a turkey in the distance, a large (probably turkey) fly over, owls, and fish jumping. Thankfully, we did not hear any coyotes! We were also surprised in the middle of the night to hear rain, since we were without cell coverage and unable to check the weather forecast. Even with the rain, the river went down – I don’t understand how this works!

It was still drizzling and everything was wet, so we had a cold breakfast of granola. It was delicious! Even the powdered milk (Nido) was good.

Since the river went down, we had more mud/mire/quicksand to overcome – no lost boots! Only a little water in John’s boot as he tried to clean it. (He flew too close to the sun.)

As I was floating down the river, waiting for John to launch and join me, I saw our first eagle sitting in a dead tree on the bank. He just stared at me (I even made eye contact.) and let me float by. He must be very comfortable in his feathers because he let John float by without any movement as well… (Or maybe he was old and blind) Today’s eagle count was six.

Today was another beautiful paddle – we are getting spoiled. Since it was uneventful, I had a chance to think about what our lives will look like when we get home. Mine in particular. Life is too short to exists doing the expected – why not the unexpected? What is the unexpected? Hmm….. I have three months to think, ponder, and pray.

We arrived at Vincennes, Indiana about 2:30 just as a group from Ball State University were taking six large (12 -15 pounds each) Asian Carp from their boat. They stated they had “caught” them (via electric shock) all within five minutes. (It took them longer to launch their boat.) The students are doing a study on the different diets of the carp upstream and downstream.

Once we pulled our boats from the water and deposited out trash in the proper receptacle, (First of three “must-dos” in each town – trash, water, restroom) we started a quest for the restroom. We spied a very nice looking restroom (and perhaps shower) on the hill but were informed it was closed. This is the fifth closed restroom by a boat launch. Disappointment!! We walked to what appeared to be an abandoned block building. As we were passing by, we first noticed a Boat Club sign and then the open door. We looked in the door to see seven older men sitting in the dark at tables. John talked with them a little bit and then asked if I could use the restroom. They said, “Yes – just make sure there is toilet paper.” (I didn’t have high hopes for the cleanliness.) Mission two accomplished.

We walked to the campground to set up camp. Each campsite is full hook-up (water and electricity) mission three accomplished, PLUS somewhere to charge electronic devices! Added bonus!

We were enjoying chili soup and chocolate pudding cake when one of The Boat Club members pulled up and asked if we need anything. (It’s encouraging to know someone is looking out for us.) John asked the gentleman how we could get the restrooms unlocked. He said the manager, Ray, lived in the camper and should be back this evening. It wasn’t long before Ray did arrive at the camper. John asked about the restrooms and was presented with a key! A shower! It felt great, even if there wasn’t any hot water. John did some laundry, which may not be clean but smells better. The laundry will now be hung to dry every time we stop for the next few days.

We retreated to the tent soon after our showers because we were cold. This is when a campfire would be nice. Unfortunately, we won’t be going to sleep any time soon. Apparently, this campground is a hangout for the college students – it sounds like they are 10 feet from the tent. John just looked – they are!

Tomorrow we pick up our next food shipment. It feels like Christmas!

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