Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy birthday, Travis! (our son)

Weather conditions:
High – 70
Low – 48

I am sitting outside the laundry room at a Birdsville campground in Birdsville, Kentucky. We arrived here about 12:30, met the owners, Bob and Linda, set up our tent, and headed to the showers and laundry room. We feel like new people. Will I ever get this excited about doing laundry when I get home? I take so many things for granted, like doing a load of laundry anytime I want.

Today began at 3:15. (I am afraid as the sun rises earlier, the wake up call will get earlier, as well.) We are seeing some awesome sunrises but missing the sunsets – I need my beauty sleep.

We were so excited to see four Eagles today! However, we saw only one barge. Yesterday, the barge traffic was non-stop. We asked Linda why. She said if they are working on the locks /damn, they stop the traffic. Then when they open the lock all of the boats are released into a near steady stream of traffic. I bet we have a lot of traffic tomorrow.

Speaking of locks. Tomorrow we will have our first lock experience. I am excited. What a cool experience. I don’t personally know anyone else who has gone through the locks in a kayak. This is the trip and another story to tell.

Today’s wind was WNW at about 12 mph, which resulted in a crosswind at times and a tailwind others. The crosswind is annoying because it rocks your boat and splashes your arm. The tailwind causes following seas and rollers. (The rollers give you the sensation somewhat of surfing.)

I learned something today about the mile markers and buoys. The right hand descending markers and buoys are green with a flat top. The left hand descending are red and pointed. We discovered last night the mile markers glow in the dark, causing a discussion of solar energy between John and me. Today we were able to paddle close to one and verify the solar charging theory.

Our first stop at Birdsville was at what appeared to be a well-maintained public boat ramp. A quick scout on shore, however, determined that this was not the campground we were looking for. John took a short hike down the road and found the campground about 1/4 mile further down stream. We hopped back in the boats and soon pulled up on a nice sandy beach, directly in front would be our campsite for the night.

I look out at the campground from here and see it is small and well-kept. We were lucky to be able to stay because they had just reopened recently after flooding had caused them to close. Wait, there is a barge….. They must have opened the locks. I wonder if it will busy on the river tonight.

The air is much cooler this evening, causing us to pull out our coats from our holds. Yesterday we wouldn’t have guessed we would wear them. The storms brought in cooler air. How nice!

Early to bed, early to rise. A new adventure tomorrow – the locks!

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