Sunday, April 12, 2015

Another cold night and morning. We ate eggs, sausage, and hash browns for breakfast as we were serenaded by the hammering of Pileated Woodpeckers. The serving size suggested in the book is pretty large – half might have been enough!

It takes us 3 hours to get ready, eat breakfast, break down campsite, and pack boats. That’s Ok – we’re not on a schedule.

Non-eventful paddle to Wabash, Indiana. As we entered Wabash, we saw an “overnight camping” sign. As we passed, I could see a see a picnic table too! Unfortunately, the banks was too steep to dock there. So sad! Luckily, just a quarter of a mile downstream there was a boat ramp. We pulled out around 11:45. As we pulled up to the ramp we were greeted with two gallons of water and two orange juices (what a wonderful sight) left by our friends Chad and Tera Myers. They were in town for a softball tournament and asked us if we needed anything. The answer is almost always “water”.

We put our boats on the dollies, gathered our treats, and pulled our boats to the top of the hill. At the top of the hill we were greeted with a restroom, a bench, and a paved bike/walking path that led to the camp site. We ate our lunch on the bench and cleaned up in the restroom.

John then left in search of a new phone cord. First he went to Speedway, where Ashley allowed him to try the cord before leaving the store. Hmmm…,the aftermarket cord had a larger molded plastic around the plug. It would have fit the iPhone fine, but it would not fit through the opening of our Lifeproof case. Strike 1. John then walked to Phillips 66. “We ain’t got no phone cords”. Strike 2. Then John walked the three-mile round trip to Dollar General where they also had a cord with the larger molding around the plug, which also would not fit through our Lifeproof case. Strike 3. John went ahead and purchased the Dollar General cord figuring he could whittle the plastic housing down until it would fit (or because he simply felt compelled to buy it after walking that far).

While John was trekking around Wabash our friends Rat and Sam Boyce walked down the path bringing a new cord from Travis. Our heros! They kept me company while we waited to see what John’s adventure brought forth.

John finally returned with the Dollar General cord that wouldn’t fit. Hmmm, technology.

As Rat and Sam were leaving we received a text from Terry and Dawn Wanner, who were in Wabash at Harley dealer, wondering if they could find us. We gave them directions to the campsite we would be staying at.

When we arrived at the campsite, one of the first things we noticed was a fire ring and a stack of wood. Campfire tonight!

We set up camp, which is our daily life and the trip. While we were setting up, Terry and Dawn arrived. It was decided the Wanners would provide burgers from the nearby Speedway (which really were pretty good) and the Abnets would supply a dessert of dehydrated apple pie. All this was enjoyed on the picnic table. (small things in life).

Now that we Travis’s “right” cord, we gave the Dollar General cord to the Wanners as they were leaving for delivery to Travis, assuming it would work with his case. After the Wanners left, we were sitting around the campfire, discussing the day’s events and the potential thunderstorms in tomorrow’s forecast, when a gentleman, Mike Beauchamp, came down the hill and sat on the bench of the picnic table. (Earlier we had spoken with a runner, who ran into Mike’s wife later, who then told her husband we were here.) He began asking questions about the trip and relaying information about the Wabash River most people from Wabash, Indiana don’t know. Finally, he told us he had taken the trip to New Orleans – not from the source but from Wabash, Indiana. Actually, he had taken three very similar trips with his three children in a flat bottom motorized boat.

Mike offered a wealth of information about the Mississippi River, such as the rooster tails, which spout out of the water several miles down stream in the wake of the barges from the water that is churning unseen under the surface. This is a phenomenon we had not read about. He is also very active in establishing small campsites, like the one we are staying at, along the river for water travelers. In addition, he is active in the Wabash River Defenders, who are doing a great job of cleaning up the river. He is a true hero of ours! (wabashriverdefenders.org)

Today was full of socialization with old and new friends. (And I thought I would have only John to talk to!) What will tomorrow bring?


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