06-10-2015 (Reflect Not Regret)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Weather conditions:
High – 91
Low – 71
Skies: sunny
Winds: SSE 5 mph

Lesson learned today: if you take a break after paddling nineteen miles at a beautiful camping spot, stop. Don’t continue eight more miles to camp at a non-breezy, buggy spot. What appears to be a relaxing scene to a tow captain passing by is deceiving. They think they see two people lying on a peaceful beach, listening to the waves break on the shore, while napping and reading. When actually two people are lying on a bug-swarming beach, listening to the bugs buzzing all around and horseflies dive bombing, while attempting to nap and read in between swatting bugs. Oh my, is all I can say. (I don’t think I heard or swatted one bug at the other spot.)

Ok – I’m done whining. This morning was another early one, trying to beat that heat. I felt much better this morning and was able to eat my breakfast much more easily than I did yesterday. I’m sure John was glad I felt better so he didn’t have to tear down camp all by himself again. He’s been a great sport!

We tried to takes things a little more slowly today and took two breaks instead of our usual one. Our last break was at a beautiful spot; breezy, shady, and fairly bug-free. (See Instagram @separateboats.com) We contemplated staying but chose to get a few extra miles in. See paragraph one.

We have tried to adopt a phrase – “Reflect, not regret” – I will try to do better. Perspective is everything! If we had come across this spot in Indiana, I would have been singing its praises. Please forgive me for not seeing it as the gift it is. As we were paddling to this spot we spotted a pelican and a deer. Nature is a beautiful thing!

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