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Thursday, June 18, 2015
Happy birthday, Trent! (our son)

Weather conditions:
High – 92
Low – 73
Skies – Mostly cloudy. Stray shower or thunderstorm
Winds – SSW 10-15

I slept so wonderfully last night on a real pillow! Small things in life spoil me – fruit, ice cream, and a real pillow! Treischmans continued to spoil us this morning with lemon pound cake, more fruit, and coffee!

We packed our boats on the trailer and then off to the boat ramp and into the water by 7:00am. We saw a lot of the beautiful white Great Egrets in the harbor again as we paddled the two-mile backwater to the main river. What beautiful country.

Most of today’s paddle was similar to the end of yesterday – wind, drift, weird current….

The river is beginning to rise from all the rain upstream most of the beaches are under water, making if more difficult to find a place to pull off to take a break or camp. During our first break today, I checked the weather and saw an increase in the probability of rain starting today and lasting several days – a change from the forecast at 4:30 am. We had a decision to make – do we attempt to paddle the 45 miles to Vicksburg, Mississippi or do we take the chance getting stuck in the river a few days? Also, the river is rising, causing a flood alert. Hmmmm..,,, what to do.

John texted our Vicksburg contact to check his availability if we would arrive today. He said, “No problem.” Sooooo….. we decided to give 45 miles a try – longest paddle to date is 31 miles. We don’t know until we try! Away we go……

At our next break, I checked the forecast again. Oops! The weather I checked at the first break was for somewhere in Tennessee. Fixing my error indicated little to no chance of rain. Now the pressure is off – we can stop when we are tired. And tired we did get after 25 miles with conditions similar to yesterday.

Update on John – he is much better. Three reasons indicting his return to health –
1. Appetite has returned. 2. He has quit whining. 3. His alter ego “Paddling Edna” made another appearance (I wish you could hear a snippet of the “show”.) I love my life with John – never a dull moment!


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