06-17-2015 (I don’t knnooow, Margo!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Weather conditions:
High – 94
Low – 72
Skies – Sunshine and clouds
Winds – S 5-10

I am relaxing in the kitchen of Treisch and Sandy Treischman, our newest heroes, in Lake Providence, Louisiana. (See Instagram @ separateboats) Yes, we are now in Louisiana.

Treisch picked us up at the boat ramp in the harbor around 2:30 and brought us back to their house, where their dogs Midgy and Lola greeted us. What great dogs! Since we have been here, we have showered, laundered our clothes, eaten fruit (yay!), enjoyed our first Louisiana gumbo, and partook of dessert with ice cream (I’m in heaven!). The food was absolutely amazing. After dinner, Treisch and Sandy took us on a relaxing boat ride, on a motorized boat – no work required, around the lake.

The first fifteen miles of today were a fairly easy paddle. However, our second fifteen were brutal as we entered a long straight stretch, which is very unusual for the windy Mississippi, and directly into a 15 mph headwind. This, combined with a lot of tow traffic, strange current, and drift (One tow pilot joked about being a logger.) in the river made for an interesting paddle. (See Instagram @ separateboats)

In the midst of all the excitement we passed a dredge. Dredging, which clears the bottom of the river to keep it deep enough for the barges, is performed by the Army Corp. of Engineers. The dredge resembles a massive tow boat with dredging apparatus behind it. At the end of the dredge there is a spout that spews out a sandy/water mud slurry. (See Instagram @ separateboats)

What a long and diverse day, from one extreme to the other. And in the middle of the hard work and relaxation, I got my wish for fruit and ice cream! Let’s see – what will I wish for today?

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