Tuesday, April 14,2015

Happy anniversary, Kasie and Chris! (daughter and son-in-law)

Today was our Sunday – a day of rest. We were able to sleep in because we knew we didn’t have three hours of prep ahead of us.

I leisurely started breakfast on a stove I didn’t have to light, using water from a water faucet. I was only boiling water, so I thought it was safe to go to the restroom. Wrong. I returned to the kitchen to find John standing by the stove. Weird site number one – boiling water doesn’t need stirred. Then I noticed an upside down metal bowl. Weird site number two – why did John look for a bowl – why did John retrieve a bowl – why is the bowl upside down on the stove. Then I noticed John looked a little frazzled. Weird site number three – how can boiling water cause John to be frazzled. John proceeded to explain a fire started in the drip pan, and he used the first thing he found to try to extinguish the flames. Everything seemed to be under control until John took the bowl off the burner – flames shot up! Apparently, we needed something larger to cover more of the burner. I found a lid and used it to smother the fire. After our couscous breakfast, all danger of fire was gone. Unfortunately, I was not able to get all traces of the fire from the bottom of the lid. At least the house is still standing! (the couscous was delicious by the way).

The rest of the day was spent catching up on other details (journaling, determining our next food pick-up, practicing the VHF radio, etc.) we don’t have time to accomplish on other days because we are busy tearing down camp, loading the boats, paddling, setting up camp, being interviewed, and socializing!

For lunch, we shared one of our homemade river lunches consisting of a peanut butter wrap, Parmesan cheese chunk, fruit roll-up, and granola bar with Amber. It certainly looked more elegant served on a plate than out of plastic bags. Amber was impressed!

Later in the day, our good friend and mother of Amber, Phyllis Hull, arrived from Ft. Wayne. Seeing friends who take time out of their busy schedules to come spend time with us is so touching! For dinner we first tried to go to Chinese restaurant, but it was closed. We discussed what the other options for dinner were. Amber said Mexican or Harvey Hinklemyers. We chose Harvey’s because of its name. We just wanted to be able to say we had dinner at Harvey Hinklemyers (No, this isn’t someone we know. It’s a restaurant.) Harvey’s is a fun place with sayings on the walls, where they serve pizza, sandwiches, Italian, and Mexican. If you are ever in Peru, Indiana – look them up.

All is right with the world after a day of “rest”. Baah says Bailey, the sheep.

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