Sunday, April 5, 2015

14 miles – 47 total

It was still cold and windy so no warm breakfast this morning, just peanut butter wraps and an orange from Dawn Wanner – what a treat fresh fruit is. (Even this early in the trip)

As we were getting ready to push-off, John got his wet suit caught on a wire sticking out of a rock. Beware of MMH (Man Made Hazards) along the river where you don’t expect them! We finally got our boats off the steep rocky hill and into the water about 10:40.

Our view of the Bridge west of New Corydon
Our view of the Bridge west of New Corydon.

Today was a monumental day – we went under the bridge that somewhat started this all – the bridge west of New Corydon. Many times when we had driven over the bridge, John would say as he looked at the water, “You know we could put our boats in the water, and go anywhere from here.” We are doing this!!

Soon after we paddled under the bridge we came upon two Amish boys fishing.

Amish boy, “Where are you going?”
Me, “Gulf if Mexico.”
Amish boy, “I Heard about you.”
Me, ” We’re them.”
Me, “See ya.” (What else do you say to someone you don’t know and probably will never see again?)

After a pleasant paddle we arrived in Ceylon, Indiana and were able to use our dollies for the first time (after slipping and sliding through the muck and mire) to transport our boats across the bridge. Even with the wheels it was a difficult task. I am NOT looking forward to the hike around Markle in a couple of days.

Let’s talk about the problems muck and mire can cause (and what is the difference between muck and mire?). I was walking, very carefully, through some muck and mire, watching my feet so I wouldn’t fall, when suddenly I was in severe pain. While I was being so diligent in being careful, I failed to see the tree branch over head ran into it – hard! John heard the thump and turned around to see what the noise was. He was surprised to see me stumbling around dazed. He put two and two together. (If he hadn’t been worried about me he would have laughed then. He does now when he retells the story). I sat down for a while and was glad for the ice pack the Heares brought for me later.

As I was in our tent homemaking, our good friends Bud and Irene Heare arrived with Easter dinner. Before I emerged from the tent Irene brought me some Easter candy. I was just finishing my before dinner chocolate treat when she brought me a hot wash cloth – just like in an airplane!

When I was finished, we were served with Easter dinner – appetizers, salad, ribs, baked potatoes, green beans, and strawberry shortcake – served to us at a table with chairs on real dinner plates (not a pan and lid). They even left us some food for breakfast – boiled eggs, fruit, and yogurt. After prayers, hugs, and thanks to Bud for getting my pillow in the boat, they left.

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