06-08-2015 (Sight-seeing)

Monday, June 8, 2015

High – 93
Low – 71
Skies – partly cloudy, scattered showers and thunderstorms
Winds – WSW 10-15 mph

Our morning started a little later than usual – 6:00. Last night was our last evening off the river at the Quapaw Canoe Company. The morning was filled with repacking the kayaks, filling our dromedaries, eating breakfast, and preparing to leave civilization and enter the wilderness. Mad dog arrived around 7:15. We had put the kayaks on the trailer last night to save some time this morning. Once we were all loaded, he pulled the trailer with our wilderness homes away from civilization to the boat ramp. Goodbyes were said to another friend, and on the water we glided away.

Last Friday, when we stopped for lunch, we saw some odd swirly prints in the sand, which led from the river to what appeared to be a hole dug and then covered up. Then the prints proceeded back to the river. While we were in Helena, we described these prints to Mad Dog. He immediately knew they were turtle tracks. Today, when we stopped for lunch, we again saw odd swirly prints, we followed them and found the turtle, with only his shell exposed. Is it turtle egg laying season or is it simply escaping the midday heat?

The turtle adventure continued when we stopped for the day about 2:30. Another turtle was on the beach to welcome us. . (See Instagram @separateboats) We walked away for just a moment to check out a camping spot, but when we returned the turtle was already gone. I guess they don’t always move slowly.

We encountered other wildlife sightings just before we found our home for the night. First we saw a couple of deer by the water. We had no sooner finished talking about them when we saw approximately ten more. As we were floating passed, we turned our heads and saw a coyote fifty yards behind them. The deer certainly knew the coyote was there, but didn’t seem to mind as long he kept his distance. When the deer finally trotted over the hill and away from the river, the coyote calmly followed along after them. We went sight-seeing today!

As the forecast promised, it is warm today. I checked the temperature when we arrived at our campsite and it was 93, with a heat index of 101. Shade is a wonderful thing! We haven’t been very active since pulling off the river. It is 5:30 – all we have done is eat a snack, set up the tent, bathe in the river, and lay on the tarp in the shade. Lazy days of summer! I have a feeling the next five weeks will be similar to today. Awe, the wilderness.

Now it’s time to make dinner. Hot, uncomfortable, headaches for all, and now we need to make and eat a hot meal? Yuck. Oh well – we need to maintain our calories even in this heat. Hopefully we’ll be able to cool off and sleep tonight.
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