Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weather conditions:
High – 79
Low – 61

This morning was not one of our typical mornings. First difference, John checked our cockpits thoroughly for snakes. (I hope this is the first last time, although John has indicated that the “de-snaking” should likely become a morning ritual) Second difference, we had to get our items from the hill down to the boat. Some of the same dangers as yesterday – no items in mud or water, while John tries to stay upright without losing a boot. Mission accomplished a second time!

We were just getting ready to eat our breakfast, our gift of a package of vanilla creme-filled pastries and two bananas from Virginia Berry yesterday at St. Francisville, when Richard (a friend of the Adams family) and his dog, DJ arrived. We talked while we are and had some great conversation. He graciously offered us an AM/FM radio, but alas, space constraints again caused us to turn down a thoughtful gift.

It was time to leave Mt. Carmel, Illinois. We visited this town for less than 24 hours, but left many new friends behind!

Today was uneventful. Paddled under our third pivot bridge of the trip (this one again had a large colony of swallows and their mud bests). Stopped at one boat ramp in the middle nowhere for lunch. Saw five Eagles. Paddled nineteen miles. Camped on a sand/shell beach. Oh, wait…that is significant. “No” mud! John actually took advantage of this and had the first river bath of the trip. We are seeing more and more beaches such as this. I didn’t realize The Wabash River had so many beautiful shells. In northern Indiana, I always equated mud with the Wabash – not shells.

After a dinner of black bean stew and mud pie, we retreated to the tent at 5:30 to escape the mosquitos. I think it’s about time for our bug suits to be sent….

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