Menu – week 15

See the recipe page for many of the recipes. Remember, some of the meals are dehydrated left-overs (We haven’t eaten left-overs for six months).

breakfast lunch/snack dinner dessert
granola, oatmeal, couscous, rice pudding, Canadian hash brown (w/ tortilla), bean bark stew (w/ tortilla), mashed potato chicken & veggies peanut butter wraps
snacks – granola bars, fruit & nuts, chocolate pudding
couscous w/mushroom pea & ham, taco macaroni & cheese, bean bark stew (w/ tortilla), Mexican beef & rice (w/ tortilla), Mexican  (w/ tortilla) taco macaroni & cheese, bean bark stew (w/ tortilla) chocolate pudding, mud pie, pineapple cake, vanilla pudding cake, rice pudding

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