06-23-2015 (Two big hams!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weather conditions:
High – 97 (heat index – 105-110)
Low – 75
Skies – Partly cloudy. Stray shower or thunderstorm
Winds – Light and variable

I am sweeter than John. My reasoning – mosquitos prefer me over John. I will be doing the mosquito-get-off-of-me dance while John sits like a bump on a log. I also think mosquitos can tell time. It seems like at exactly 8:00 pm they emerge from their daytime hideout. Really – one second they are not there, and the next second there are three of them on my right leg draining my blood.

This exact scenario happened last night at 8:00 pm. I look down at my leg to see three mosquitos, which begins my dance and exclamation, “The Mosquitos are out. ”

John replies, “I haven’t seen any.”

I quickly finish washing my face and brushing my teeth, and head for the safety of the tent. Mosquitos always know where you are going and race you there. They are ready to enter the tent during the brief moment the zipper is open. So, for the next three minutes after entering the tent it sounds like applause, as we try to kill the mosquitos in mid-air in order to eliminate the potential of becoming a pin cushion dying the night.

Last night, after we applauded and laid down, I looked at the top screen of the tent to confirm we had smashed all inside mosquitos. I saw several mosquitos on the outside of the tent but none on the inside. Yay! Wait a minute…. Hundreds of mosquitos are on my side of the tent (well, maybe not hundreds.), while John’s side is totally empty! I told you I am sweeter!

Today has been another typical warm paddling and beach day. Get up at 4:00, eat breakfast, load boats, paddle, take a break. paddle, take a break, find a campsite (complete with shade, sand, and breeze,), lay out tarp, put on swim suit, get wet in water, write journal entry, read book, and nap.

The highlight of John’s day was a sighting of another coyote on the beach. This time I was the first one to see it and shared the viewing with John. I didn’t even freak out as you would expect. That’s because the coyote was on the beach while we were on the water. I noticed him as we were paddling away from our second break area. I quietly got John’s attention – instead of scaring him off as John did by yelling, “Coyote!” He sat there long enough for me to take his picture before turning around, jumping over a log, and running away. It wasn’t until we were paddling away I realized how close he was to where we had been during our break……

It is 6:00pm right now. Two more hours until the aerial invasion.

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  1. Mom said:

    I feel for you. I am sweet just like you. I still am praying for a safe completion of your trip. Love you!!

    June 24, 2015
  2. Kathi said:

    Re you going to make another stop? I can send you a natural bug spray made with oils. 🙂

    June 24, 2015

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