07-07-2015 (Now what?)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Weather conditions:
High – 88
Low – 79
Skies – Partly cloudy. A stray shower or thunderstorm possible.
Winds – SSE 5-10

I am sitting in our hotel room in Venice, Louisiana preparing for an exciting and emotional day. I have to fight the tears as I think about what this day represents. It is an end and a beginning. An end to a wonderful way of life – living simply and depending on God to supply. For three months, we were removed from the materialistic way of life, surviving on what we carried in our two little boats. All our needs were met. God took care of us by protecting us from the storms, placing people in our lives, and guiding us.

It is also a beginning. A beginning to the rest of my life. What will my life look like after today? Will I return to my former materialistic way of life? Will I allow this trip to transform me? The answer to these questions are up to me. I have a choice.

Last night we had asked for a 6:30 wake-up call, which was unnecessary because by 6:30 we had already been awake three hours. Yes, we woke up at 3.30. When will my body adjust to a normal waking schedule?

Now, I am laying on the bed in another hotel room, having completed our journey. What a day! We earned every paddle stroke today. First, we had to tackle getting out of the marina by paddling upstream two miles. Paddle, paddle. The river is so close. Paddle, paddle. I can make it to the river where the current allows me to paddle five miles an hour. Paddle, paddle. I’m almost there. Paddle, paddle. Finally! Wait! Where’s the current? What – a headwind of 20 miles per hour. If I quit paddling, I will go backward. This isn’t going to be a quick, easy twenty-six mile paddle past mile 0, down the South Pass to The Gulf of Mexico.

Today’s paddle was probably one of the most tiring of the entire trip. We went out with a bang. Don’t feel too sorry for us though because we had transportation waiting for us on a beach in the Gulf. Michael and Paul Orr drove from Baton Rouge, and launched their Boston whaler in Venice so they could transport us back to the marina. (See Instagram @separateboats)

Once we finally reached our destination, performed The Ceremonial Laying of the Paddles, and loaded our gear and boats, we began our trip home. (See Instagram @separateboats) What took us seven and a half hours to paddle took just over an hour in the Orr’s boat.

This morning we left the marina in our kayaks, this afternoon we arrived back at the marina with our kayaks beside us. It’s weird to think we won’t be climbing back into or living out of them.

Tom and Candy Moore were waiting for us at the marina, ready to place our kayaks on top of the truck and our gear in the back. Seeing the kayaks on top of our truck made them look diminished from the home and transportation they had provided for us the past three months. They seemed neutered and sad. What purpose do they have now?

All gear packed. Tom handed John the keys. John said he felt awkward behind the wheel for the first time in three months as we drove to the hotel. He had to choose a path and not take the one provided. He also had to keep the truck in between the lines and not meander all over the road as he looked at all the sites along the way. So many restrictions.

Now the journey home and back to a life accepted by society. I will miss my time with John surviving and leaning on God in a new way. Many have asked what our next adventure will be. LIFE!

Thanks for following our adventure. For photos and videos of the events mentioned in this daily journal, check us out on Instagram @ separateboats.

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  1. Patty Smith said:

    What a wonderful adventure I have had just following you on your travels. You two are an inspiration and I will soon print every journal entry to read on cold, rainy days. Keep in touch and come during Blues Festival .. Bring friends if you want. I am waiting to hear about the Gist Music Store. Will keep you posted.

    July 8, 2015
    • Thanks Patty ! We were just telling someone about you today and you birding and wonderful photos. Excited to learn about the music store and we are hoping we can make the festival!!!!!

      July 8, 2015
  2. Philip Reese said:

    Congratulations, guys! Great to see you complete the journey!

    July 8, 2015
  3. Ken Winegardner said:

    Congrats on your trip!!! I have been following you two since you came through Logansport. Would like to pick your brains on the trip i would like to do too.

    July 8, 2015
    • Thank you . You are welcome to pick out brains as needed. You can get a lot of information from the blog posts and “daily journal” on our website. If you have specific questions you can reach out to us on “contact us” page on our website. Do the trip!

      July 8, 2015

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