Thursday, April 23, 2015

Weather today
High – 57
Low – 36

This morning started out pretty cold but no frost like we had at Huntington Reservoir a couple of weeks ago. (It seems weird we have been on this journey long enough to say a couple of weeks ago. The time is going fast – next Friday is May 1 already!) I heard some snow fell back home. This is one a the few times you will hear me say this, “I’m glad we didn’t get any snow.”

After eating a breakfast casserole and packing up the boats, we climbed the hill to Perrysville. Perrysville appeared to be a bustling town at one time, but like so many towns in this area, they thrived while the Erie Canal was prospering, but with the abandonment of the canal in 1865 the town has become almost a ghost town. The store fronts look like they are a set for an old western movie. While in Perrysville, we visited one of the few businesses, and something almost every town has – no matter the size – a convenience store/gas station. There we filled our dromedary and freshened up. Unfortunately, John forgot to get rid of the trash. Three “must dos” in civilization – fill water, empty trash, use the restroom. (not necessarily in that order)

As we were paddling toward Perrysville yesterday, John noticed the water tower didn’t have its name on the side toward the water. Today, John specifically looked to see if the water tower had the town’s name on the highway side – it did. The view from the water isn’t considered. The place I notice the importance of the water view is the bridges. The view of a bridge from the road usually has a sign with the name of the river you are passing over. However, the view from the water doesn’t tell you what road you are passing under.

Once we were refreshed and our water filled, we hiked back to the boats and launched for a 25-mile paddle. The weather and water were perfect! The temperature was in the upper 50’s with a slight wind to our backs. Our day was uneventful – boring is good!

We were excited to see nine eagles and eight nests. Many eagles were in their nests. In addition to the eagles, we saw a Great Horned Owl.

We reached Montezuma at about 3:30. I was so excited when I walked to the top of the boat ramp and saw a restroom. I walked with a spring in my step only to find they are working on them and they are closed. This is the third town that had restrooms close to the boat ramp which were not open. I walked with a heavy heart back to the boats.

We then walked to see what the town had to offer – specifically if there was laundromat. No luck! We stopped at the library/culture center and talked with Crystal (Cris) to inquire about the amenities of the town. Not much – it is another abandoned canal town.

Back to set up the tent and eat a dinner of tuna Parmesan chowder (check out dinner recipe page) and vanilla pudding with trail cake. (Check out dessert recipe page) Yum! Then to bed and plan for tomorrow. The temperature is dropping as I write – low 31. Brrrrr……


  1. Dave Clendenen said:

    I have been following your journey and have yet to determine if you guys are crazy or the coolest adventure seekers I know:) We would love to catch up with you guys along the river. Beth has always wanted to go to Paducah KY since it is home to the National Quilt Museum as well as other quilt related stuff. Since that has never really been at the top of my destination list we haven’t gone. But, if we could arrange to meet you guys it would be well worth the trip. Do you have any ballpark idea of when you might be in that area?

    Stay safe! I’ve been praying for you.

    Dave Clendenen

    April 24, 2015
    • Dave Clendenen;
      Your first assumption (that we are crazy) would probably be correct! Yes, it would be Awesome to meet in Paducah, KY. Our itinerary puts us there on May 18th, but obviously the itinerary is only a plan (at best). We try to Tweet where we are and where we’ll be each day. Keep track of those updates and we will also try to give you better information as we get closer.
      (Quilts not the top of your list eh’??)

      April 24, 2015
    • Good evening Dave and Beth. Poor and intermittent cell service here but wanted to give you an update. We are at cave in Rock and may leave here Sunday or maybe stuck through Monday (storms). I have not yet reviewed the charts but know that we are fast approaching Paducah. If you come down this weekend cave in rock would be an easy place to connect. Thoughts?

      May 8, 2015

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