Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy anniversary, Travis and Katie! (Son and daughter-in-law)

Weather conditions:
High – 81
Low – 64

Today we slept in till 6:00. We didn’t awake to the alarm, we just woke up. John looked at the radar and decided we should get up and quickly take a shower before a storm blew in. We gathered our shower gear and somewhat clean clothes, walked up the hill, and took a shower. (Everything is uphill from the river.) a shower two days in a row – a new record!

After we felt like normal people (As normal as we can be.) again, we fixed couscous for breakfast, and had the last of the bread from Rhonda and David in New Harmony. As we were finishing breakfast, we called (Being careful not to move from the exact spot where we had cell coverage.)Travis, my son, who is taking care of our yard and house to check up on a few things. He is doing a great job of making sure the house doesn’t collapse while we are gone. He already has dealt with no running water (The breaker on the pump was kicked off.), and too much running water. (The sump pump needed replaced.) He is our hero from Berne, Indiana!

Don, who takes care of the campground and turned on the electricity last night, came to collect our $15 fee for two nights and bring us a trash can. We discussed last night’s revival meeting, which he also attended. It’s amazing how quickly we have a social life in a small town.

As soon as Don left, we went to the posts office to pick up our next food box during their hours of 9:00 to 10:15. We were there when Kelsey unlocked the door. Then the task of unpacking the box and placing the food in the correct meal bag. Our bug suits are here, our big suits are here!!! hallelujah!!

After our food was all organized, we went to Rose’s to charge our battery-powered items, drink coffee, and read – that’s what we do on our day of rest. The time was 9:45 when John had a hankerin’ (somewhere around Vincennes, IN. we started having hankerin’s) for a grilled cheese. Remember, we aren’t on a normal schedule! (and John isn’t always normal) We relaxed a couple of hours and had just decided to go back to the tent, when it started to rain. More coffee anyone?

After the rain, we left Rose’s to go fix our lunch. As we walked outside, we were surprised at the cool air and nice breeze. (Which translates to wind on the river.) Great laundry drying weather! We gathered our laundry, walked to the restroom and hand-washed the bare essentials. It was amazing how much river water, from our last laundry day on the river, I washed out. Our clothes now look cleaner (Notice, I said look cleaner…..) and smell fabulous. (Well, fabulous is relative….) We hung our clothes to dry on our clothesline stretched between our separate boats. A clothesline is just one of the many uses of our boats. Our boats have been transformed into back rests, vanity, table, and more.

After completing our laundry chore, we ate lunch and relaxed on a park bench at the camp ground. John played his guitar. I’m so glad he went to the extra effort to strap it on his kayak. Next on our agenda was to check out the Cave in Rock from land and view the river from the cave. Then back to camp to relax done more – John even took a nap! Love our days off!

For dinner we enjoyed ham and beans with corn bread, and banana nut bread. After dinner, we walked to the public restrooms. (Thanks again, Perry! I just realized Perry was another “I just happened to be…” moments. Yesterday, when we arrived at the dock, Perry “just happened to be” there with the fire department, cleaning the mud off the parking lot and was able to direct us around town.) We decided to sit on a bench so I could journal, when a white car pulled up. John said enthusiastically, “There’s Winnie.” I looked at him bewildered. How did he know Winnie? I have been with John every minute since we floated into town except for his venturing out to inquire about revival mast night. That’s when he met her. She drove up and John introduced me to her. She gave us a little history of the town. She was very friendly and welcoming, as everyone in this small town has been. Who will we meet in the next town?

It will probably be an early night tonight because it will be an early day tomorrow to beat the heat of 86 and winds becoming stronger at 2:00. I don’t even want to ask John what time he is setting the alarm. Love our day of rest and hate to see it come to an end! Good bye Cave-in-Rock: population 350. Salute!

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