06-20-2015 (Hitchhiker with one thumb cannot make round trip.)

Saturday June, 20, 2015

Weather conditions:
High – 93
Low – 73
Skies – Mostly Sunny with afternoon thunderstorms
Winds – SSW 10-15

Breakfast slid into a nice long conversation with our hosts, and ended when LaNae and I went back to the room we were staying in to do some work. I scoured through notes from others that have been in the river during high water while LaNae remote accessed our finances back home. When we were done, all bills were paid and the river charts annotated.

By now it was mid-afternoon. We had lunch meat sandwiches and more great conversation with our host Wanda and then got ready for our evening’s social calendar. It seems one of the local museum curators had invited Wanda’s son Layne and us to a cookout that was being attended by a gentleman who was in from Los Angeles. He is doing a documentary on the Mississippi River and wanted to include LaNae’s and my adventures in his research. While there, we enjoyed great food, met some more good local folk, and were video-interviewed for the documentary. We were really glad for this, as it provided an opportunity to draw some additional attention to The Fortress charity. (See Instagram @Separateboats)

With the socializing complete, Layne and we headed back to his home to get some rest. It has been a long day.

Thanks for following our adventure. For photos and videos of the events mentioned in this daily journal, check us out on Instagram @ separateboats.

Also, please continue to pray for and support our charity, The Fortress. Check out our “Charity Page” – you can donate using the Pay Pal button. Thank you.


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