Tuesday, April 7, 2015
12 miles – total 63

After a delicious egg sandwich on wheat bread at Mark and Myra’s (roughing it, I know), we were on the river by 9:00 (even after John had to walk back to get our paddles at the Moore’s)

Fairly easy paddle – had to get out once to pull the boats. The river was moving at a good clip so we moved fairly quickly (even with the dragging of the boats) and arrived in Bluffton, Indiana at 12:30. As we were entering Bluffton in our boats, we were surprised to hear Connie Moore (a friend from church) yell at us from her passing vehicle. Connie and her husband, Billy, soon looked over the guard rail to speak to us. (It won’t be long before we will not have these chance meetings with people we know.)

As soon as we docked, before anything else, I went over the river and through the bridge to Hardee’s to use the restroom.

We had just set up the tent and secured it before the rain when Dave from the Bluffton News Banner came to interview us. The article may be an on-line video or in print tomorrow. After our interview, we enjoyed a quaint lunch (3:00) in the tent.

After lunch, we went to Hardee’s for coffee and to fill up water. After we convinced Sydney we really were going to a The Gulf of Mexico, she gave us our coffee free – there are such nice people everywhere! We have always had a problem accepting help from others, however, John said on this trip we will not say “No” to anyone. (unless it won’t fit in the kayak or causes something not to work)

Interestingly, while we were drinking our coffee and using Hardee’s Internet, (I love free WiFi) the mayor’s wife, Marge Ellis, called and asked us to have dinner with her and her husband. John immediately said, “Yes, we would love to have dinner with you.” (John – the “yes-man”?) Mrs. Ellis sated she would pick us up at 5:30.

We finished using the free WiFi and rushed back to our tent to get ready for our dinner date. Upon arriving back at the tent, we were touched to find two paper sacks labeled, “Welcome to Bluffton”. The sacks were filled with an orange, bottle of water, lemonade packet, homemade energy balls, granola bar, and Little Debbie coffee cake, which we will enjoy for breakfast tomorrow. We have been so touched by everyone’s generosity – we haven’t done anything yet!

The mayor’s wife arrived at 5:30 and drove us back to her house. (It’s weird for John to be driven everywhere – he keeps looking for his keys.) We enjoyed a dinner of amazing soup, bread, wine, grapes, and apple pie. The mayor and his wife are wonderful people and new friends. This is the trip – meeting wonderful people and making new friends!

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