Friday, April 17, 2015

Today we awoke to pea-soup fog. The sky was even dripping – everything was soaked! We considered calling a two-hour delay, which ended up being only 1/2 hour. Honestly, we really did sit by the river, after eating our “dinner for breakfast” taco macaroni and cheese, and packing up, to wait for the flog to lift. While waiting we enjoyed our last Snickers bar – satisfying!

We saw two bald eagles close to their nest. We have learned as soon as you spot a Bald Eagles nest to look for the eagle(s), they are usually close by. Or vice versa, if you see an eagle, look for a nest. Likewise, we are beginning to recognize Heron rookeries (maternity wards), several wiry nests in the crooks of sycamore trees. We found both a small and large rookery today.

John and I have done some pedaling on bicycles before this. We have certain danger signals to alert others riding behind us of the danger ahead. Likewise, John and I have developed some danger alert signals on the water as well. “Danger right/left.” “Follow me.” “Hold back.” “Come ahead.” Today we had to discuss the need for another call – “Boat up/back” – since we are encountering motorized boats on the river now. Luckily, there were no rapids today, which makes sense since rapids are in lower water.

Today’s was a hot (this term is relative compared to what we will soon experience), long twenty-mile paddle. This is the most tired we have been. This is the first day we ditched our jackets during the paddle. Try to take off a life jacket and coat, while holding on to a paddle dug into the sand to keep from floating away from the shore! I’m sure it was comical to watch.

We are staying at Wolfe’s Leisure Time Campground, which just opened for the year yesterday. (God is preparing a way) They have a shower and laundry! (What a perfect night to shower – after a long, hot, exhausting paddle.)

Tonight’s feast was lazy lasagna and pineapple upside down cake. The recipes are on the “recipe” page. Check them out! (The lazy lasagna was one of John’s favorites even before I dehydrated it.)

Showered! While doing laundry, John enjoyed a fresh homemade cookie, and I journaled. We will sleep well and refreshed tonight (and smell better too!)

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