Monday, May 4, 2015

Weather conditions:

High: 84
Low: 62

This morning the mosquitos were out in full force as soon as we got out of the tent. Can’t wait for those bug suits to arrive in a couple of weeks. This was also the warmest morning we have experience so far.

We enjoyed eating, but not the atmosphere due to the mosquitos couscous for breakfast. Did you know mosquitos are attracted to food?

We packed up after applying the much-needed mosquito protection and were on our way. This morning I couldn’t get on the river fast enough.

Today’s high was the warmest we have had to date. What began as a welcome breeze, turned into an annoying, tiring wind later in the day as we had long open stretches directly into the gusts (Still not as windy as it was a couple of weeks ago when we had 50 mph gusts.)

We stopped for lunch on a beach. We didn’t notice as many mosquitos as we did on the beach last night. This beach wasn’t as close to the woods. Note to self: stay on larger beaches.

We saw four eagles today. Another item of interest was a collapsed railroad bridge. (According to John’s map it was collapsed.) The sides were still standing, with the middle gone – but where did it go? How did it collapse? Was it still in use when it collapsed? I would love to go back in time and see what life was like before certain buildings and bridges became abandoned. Just think, they all were new at one time. Which of our current day bridges and buildings will collapse or be abandoned?

We arrived in New Harmony after what seemed like a seven-hour paddle, but was actually only a four and a half hour paddle – with a stop for lunch. We had no sooner pulled our boats out of the water when the a U.S. Coast Guard boat and its three occupants pulled out behind us. They had been collecting water samples in the area. Soon after, I walked to the visitor center to use the restroom and gather information about New Harmony. I brought a map back to the dock , and John informed me he had found a place to camp. We rolled our boats to our “camp site” near the river and behind the water treatment facility, (Our third one to camp beside – home.) set up camp, cleaned up, set up the solar panel and power unit to collect some afternoon sun, and walked up town.

My first impression of New Harmony was very favorable. It is a well-kept community, with a lot of history and unique stores. It seemed perfect. Almost too perfect (gave off a bit of a “Stepford Wives” vibe). I am looking forward to exploring it tomorrow on our day of rest. We walked to Sara’s Harmony Way to eat some dinner and use their WiFi. (This is the first meal we have purchased.) Anarae took our order and gave us a very hospitable welcome to New Harmony. We are hoping to see her again tomorrow.

After eating and catching up on some Internet “chores”, we came back to the tent and raced the mosquitos to our tent. This is the first night since we began our trip we haven’t slept in our long underwear or under our wool blanket. Just a couple of nights ago we were cold. How quickly the weather is changing – we will be sending some items home to make room for our bug suits!

Tomorrow is a no-alarm-Tuesday!

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