A prior colleague of mine and good friend of ours arranged for a gift from my staff when I left my last company (Thanks Ann/all !). It was the much touted Japanese Daruma doll.  I  had worked for and with the Japanese for a number of years and also traveled to Japan numerous times, but for some reason I was not familiar with nor had heard of the Daruma doll. A “roly-poly” kids toy to some and a serious image of hope and possibility for others, the Daruma is often associated with the Japanese term that loosely translates “fall down 7 times, get up 8”. Obviously an indication of the resilience displayed by the Japanese I have known.

IMG_2383 The intent of the Daruma is to color in one of its eyes (when purchased it has no pupils) to indicate some goal or hope. When that goal or hope is realized the remaining eye is then colored in. When the doll was first given to me (us) we really had no idea for a goal worthy of committing the Daruma too. Well, I guess we now have a goal that is worthy ! Likewise, I am certain we will need the resilience reflected in the term “fall down 7 times, get up 8” during on this trip. Our goal is set. IMG_2389

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